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There's always a story. It's all stories, really. The sun coming up every day is a story. Everything's got a story in it. Change the story, change the world.

Terry Pratchett

I just got a mirror spock doll and all 4 star trek readers

Me, with illustration skills I've developed over the past four and a half years: I wish I could draw :/

Dude it's wild to think about Spock coming to earth for the first time cause it's WET here. Like. This planet is 70% water and a lot of it is Moist. But Vulcan is like..90% SAND. like just sand. They've got one (1) sea and it's nowhere near where Spock grew up, iirc. Like unless they go to a desert or somewhere similarly dry, being on earth must be so weird for vulcans.

I Yell About Star Trek Again

Heads up more complaining - another thing that bothers me in trek fic is when they depict the work shifts as being like 8 hours long like hello??? That's not good for you and is legit something we should change about our current society, but you're putting it in what's meant to be much much closer to a utopia than we are? I feel like people forget the huge differences between our modern culture and the, admittedly idealized, one in star trek. But the idealization of our future society is an essential part of what makes star trek so influentially hopeful and optimistic! Like obviously there'll always be problems, and there clearly are in tos, it's not perfect, but it's meant to show that we can and will get better. The continuation of an unhealthily designed workday in the trek universe, in my opinion, entirely disregards the high standards set out for how that society values individual lives. My hc is that the shifts are only 2 hours long, bc that's actually how long a human can really be productive for, in general. Obv there's aliens and human exceptions but bc the fleet is mostly human i figure it'd be tailored to our average. And to a lesser degree the assumption that ships would still be quiet during the "night" even though there's always people on duty bugs me because humans (again, the majority here) can adjust to altered sleep schedules fairly well, afaik, and especially considering the fact that there Literally Is No Day Cycle, the concept of ship's night being subdued is ridiculous.

TL;DR the fleet would totally have super humane work hours and there's no day cycle on a starship so why would anyone still follow one

Jack Dragna, the so called "Capone of Los Angeles", a California Mafia member, on the left -- Bela Okmyx, "Boss" of the Northside Territory on Sigma Iotia II in the Star Trek episode "A Piece Of The Action", on the right

I've connected the two dots

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You didn't have to look my way Your eyes still haunt me to this day But you did. Yes, you did

You didn't have to say my name Ignite my circuits and start a flame But you did

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not to shitpost on main but i really feel like this website is the social equivalent to hiding in the bathroom at a party, but like, 5 other people had the same idea

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all you motherfucker gonna have to leave my stall

Ok look I love trek fic but something that always bugs me is when someone gets injured and the story is like "oh no what if it disables them and they have to retire from the fleet" like what???? The society you're writing in is basically a post-scarcity space utopia and you think disabled people can't still work in the fleet? Like we have incredible technology that lets disabled people navigate an abled world already, right now. Imagine how good it'll be in the 2260's! There's no reason someone losing a limb or a sense would disqualify them from serving in the fleet. Obviously the character that comes to mind here is Geordi, who's blind and also an incredible fleet engineer, but even in TOS they had stuff like this! They were inconsistent with it, which bugs me, but (TOS S3 SPOILER) in Is There In Truth No Beauty? they have a blind woman who wears a sensory net over her clothes that tells her exactly where everything around her is, allowing her to navigate like a sighted person! That kind of tech would absolutely let any blind person serve in the fleet. I say they're inconsistent because in Operation -- Annihilate! they clearly imply that Spock being blind would mean he'd have to leave the fleet, despite introducing this device later, but no one ever said star trek was consistent. TL;DR It bugs me when trek fic builds a very ableist view of a future society that is intended to be, while not perfect, leagues more inclusive than our own.

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My general feelings on all superheros except spiderman, scott lang antman, carol danvers captain marvel, and megamind are just the "how did you defeat captain america" vine

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I hecking love star trek thank you for this blog

Oh boy i've been so distracted from waterfall so this is late but thank you so much!! I'm so glad to find someone else who likes star trek it's my favorite thing ever

Tbh I'll never get over the fact that there's like. multiple jim moments in TOS that have such heavy impact after you watch The Conscience of the King it's wild. Like in What Are Little Girls Made Of? where jim is talking to the robot version of himself and they're discussing how the robot doesn't need to eat and jim says something like "Eating is a pleasure, sir. One that you will never know." And then the robot is like "True, but I will never starve."!?!?! That's so incredibly significant when you know about Tarsus but it doesn't seem like anything when you first watch the episode, it's crazy

Introducing my dnd character Oliver, the halfling bard! This is the dude I've been playing for the last year & a half in our main campaign! He's a wholesome lad with negative 7485748978 intelligence, big feet, and an even bigger heart y'all.

Autism Type #13

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Package-deal-with-three-other-mental-conditions Autism

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might fuck around and suffer from delusions of grandeur

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there are only 4 genders: moss, dark moss, light theme, and hellsite traditional

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Some truscum: “Nonbinary” genders aren’t scientific. What does a “genderqueer” person even transition into?

Me: this actually

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my deepest condolences to my followers who have to deal with me reblogging a shitton of stuff all at once and flooding their dash, i'm afraid i suffer from a chronic case of "dosen't know what a queue is" disease

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There's always a story. It's all stories, really. The sun coming up every day is a story. Everything's got a story in it. Change the story, change the world.

Terry Pratchett

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hope everyone knows i have not a fucking clue what im doing thank u thats all

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might just goof around and bury myself in dirt

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might just go absolutely bananas and grow plants on myself

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might go completely bonkers out in the field and sink bodily into the swamp to live with the turtles

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might get a little wild and find a shaded patch of moss and lie there for the rest of my days